Throne Oil


About Us

KMA GLOBAL ENERJİ PETROKİMYA SANAYİ VE TİCARET LTD. (Throne Oil) was established in 1990 by investing in the automotive spare parts sector with 100% domestic capital. As a result of dedicated work, it has achieved its goals and been successsful in meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Our company uses the latest technologies of the sector, and continues its production by renewing itself and expanding its product range. KMA imports and exports to 33 countries through the strenght of its stable progress and productive relationships.


Our company continues to expand its commercial network both in terms of sectors and location. From South America to Asia, from Europe to Africa, we continue our activities in the automotive sector as well as in the fields of food and finance.

Throne Oil aims to provide the highest level of manufacturing and client service in every sector it is involved. Our competitive spirit and energy has earned us high esteem by attracting the positive attention of all companies in the sector.

Lubricant is integral to the automotive spare parts industry. In addition to the IXON lubricants produced in its factory at the Mersin Free Zone, our company has added to its success by bringing its new brand, ‘Throne Oil’ lubricants to market.

Our factory

Our factory is established at the Mersin Free Zone, where we manufacture to the highest standards. The factory is equipped with the latest technology, holds international quality certificates, and produces at an annual capacity of 55.000 MT. Our production includes all gasoline and diesel engine oils, gear oils, and industrial oils for all automotive industry needs. We additionally produce greases, hydraulic, and antifreeze products.

With our Throne Oil brand, we aim to become one of the sector leads. We aim to build this vision in conjunction with new and existing partnerships, through a framework of mutual trust, our experience, and determination.